Let us step in to the First day of New Year with lot of Hopes and Confidence ….

There are many things in Life that we have to learn to accept,regardless of whether we like them or not.These include our flaws ,regrets,and mistakes. As the year draws to a close ,I would like to come to terms with the things I find difficult to accept so that I can let go of them before the New year sets in .
You should do the same …free yourself from the things that are keeping you stuck in the past . I am sure that you can relate to to the following affirmations.

Say goodbye

to the voices in your head that tell you that are incapable of doing something or being someone

Say good bye

to the need for validation

Say goodbye

to all the moments that let you down

Say goodbye

to the promises you did not keep

Say good bye

to the self doubt and the negativity last year

Say goodbye

to the times you suffered in silence

Say goodbye

to the people who have turned their back on you.

Say goodbye

to the unwanted memory you keep replaying in your head

Say goodbye

to the addictions that drew you away from what was more important in life

Say goodbye

to the idealistic expectations you set for yourself

Say goodbye

to all the words people told you about yourself
,the ones that made you love yourself less.

Say goodbye

to the times you were immature, or out of line
, Or had no common sense.

Say goodbye

to the times you missed someone who did not miss you back .

Say goodbye

to the trip you did not take , or the city you never visited ,or the wedding you missed ,or the opportunities that passed you by.

Say goodbye

to all the flaws you keep pointing out in the mirror and the times you really did not like who you were looking at.

Say goodbye
to the thought that next year will be the same
And that nothing will ever change .


to all the wonderful possibilities , Dreams,. and

Opportunities that are waiting to manifest themselves in you .

Move Ahead with confidence and step into the First Day of New Year with lot of smile in your face .

Best wishes to you and your family for a

Successful and Rewarding 2018 .


31st December 2017.

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