Dancing Lion Cubs !!!

These heartwarming pictures show two playful cubs putting their best paws forward for a spot of lion dancing.

Swiping their claws before pouncing forward, the duo move around their ‘dancefloor’ with a sort of hap-hazard grace at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania.

At one point the pair stand up on their back legs and touch paws – almost as though they’re about to start a ballroom dance.
Strictly cub dancing: Two playful lions dance together, swiping their paws and pouncing forward, in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania


Moves: One of the cubs stands on his back legs while the other watches on slightly cautiously

Roar routine? One cub stands while the other reaches up to place its paws on its partners - perhaps getting ready for a sort of ballroom dance

Then one of the dancers takes a run up – much to the apparent alarm of its partner who watches on with a look of dread in his eyes.

Perhaps the pair were attempting to try out a lift, as performed by professional dancers. Unfortunately there is no photographic evidence as to how it turned out..

Later on, however, it would seem that one of the dancing duo has overdone it and so takes a little rest, lying on its back with its legs stretched up in the air.

Meanwhile its partner waits on patiently – eager for its next spin on the dancefloor.
Paw performance: One of the cubs looks rather terrified as his partner takes a run-up. Perhaps the duo were about to try out a gymnastic lift

Taking a break? Clearly exhausted by the arduous routine, one of the cubs takes a little rest while his partner, still eager to continue, waits patiently

Perfect partners: The images were captured by professional wildlife photographer Win van den Heever, 41, from South Africa, who spent two weeks waiting for the shots of the cubs

The beautiful photographs were captured by professional wildlife photographer Win van den Heever, 41, from South Africa, who spent two weeks in Ndutu, Tanzania, waiting for the perfect shots of the cubs.

Mr van den Heever said: ‘I was there to photograph the annual wildebeest calving season.

‘The rains were late this year and the wildebeest were still in Serengeti waiting for the rains to arrive.

‘The animals in the area were all quite desperate for the first rains to fall and the daily dust storms would choke the air.


Photographs….Win van den Heever


2 thoughts on “Dancing Lion Cubs !!!

  1. preethi November 25, 2013 / 10:01 am

    Very cute:) they look truely professIonal:):)

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