Message For The Day… Get Your Manava Guna Transformed into Madhava Guna ….

Human beings are a mixture of Divinity, Demon and Human (Daiva, danava and manava). The wickedness of the ogre can be overcome by the quality of mercy and charity (daya), sympathy and empathy. Pride can be overcome through self-control (dama), detachment, and renunciation; Egoism can be overcome by following the code of conduct (dharma) prescribed by the impartial sages, and by channelizing your instincts and impulses into fruitful action. When these three Gunas are thus sublimated, Manava (human) is transformed into Madhava (God). Make the best use of your Guru. Acquire from Him the skills for winning peace of mind and bliss (shanti and santosha), the Grace of God, the lessons of spiritual practice (Sadhana), and the fruits of good and holy company (sathsang); do not fritter away your energy and time, seeking sensory satisfaction in ungodly company.


Sathya Sai BabaG

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