Message For the Day…” Your Actions Reflect Your Inner Being …”

All aspirants must have internal purity, as all actions arise from internal impulses and not external forces. Your actions reflect your inner being. When pure feelings arise within you, your actions will naturally be pure. To cleanse the internal impulses, you must be pure in your mind, speech and the body. Of these three, purity in speech is the most important. Gita reveals, “Every word you utter should be free from causing excitement or agitation (Anudhvegakaram Vakyam Satyam Priyahitam cha yat)”. Your speech must be true and pleasing. Four factors account for the pollution of speech; they are – uttering falsehood, excessive talking, carrying tales against others, and abuse or criticism of others. Make sure your tongue does not indulge in these offences. Only when you get rid of these four evil tendencies from within, your speech will become pure and unpolluted.

Sathya Sai Baba

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