Image of the Day… New Year’s Comet Love Joy !!!

New Year’s Comet Lovejoy

Wow! Comet Lovejoy is really living up to its name! A wonderful December 29 photo from Justin Ng of Singapore and a link below to how you can see the comet.

Comet Lovejoy on December 29, 2014 by Justin Ng from Singapore.   Visit Justin Ng's website.

Have you seen Comet Lovejoy yet? Although telescopes and binoculars are still the best way to find and view the comet, it’s now barely within the limit for visibility with the unaided eye under exceptional viewing conditions. Justin Ng of Singapore took this fine photo. He wrote:

I would like to suggest an image of Comet Lovejoy that I’ve just taken on 29 December 2014 at around 12.30 AM SGT. This is a LRGB image with a total exposure time of 12 minutes. A spiral galaxy, NGC1886, is also visible in the image, located on the left of the comet’s coma.



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