Message For The Day….Continue to Love , You Will be Loved In Return…

The others are part of yourself. You need not worry about them. Worry about yourself that is enough. When you become all right, they too will be all right, for you will no longer be aware of them as separate from you. Criticising others, finding fault with them, etc. – all this comes out of egoism. Search for your own faults instead. The faults you see in others are but reflection of your own personality traits. Pay no heed to little worries; attach your mind to the Lord. Then, you will be led onto the company of good people and your talents will be transmuted. Consider everyone as the children of the Lord, as your own brothers and sisters, develop the quality of love and seek always the welfare of humanity. Be like the bee, drinking the nectar of every flower, not like the mosquito drinking blood and distributing disease in return. If you continue to love, you will be loved in return.
– Divine Discourse, Jul 25, 1958.

Sathya Sai Baba


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