Message For The Day…Regulate Your Life With Sathwik Food and Pursuits…

The doctor is found where patients gather. So too, the Lord is always with the suffering and struggling. The patient who desires to improve must have faith in the doctor and carry out the instructions. Unless you have obeyed the orders of the doctor strictly and to the very letter, you have no authority to pronounce judgement on the doctor. Also remember that the doctor’s treatment will vary with each patient – it will depend upon the ailment, the age, the virulence of the disease and the treatment already undertaken. Apart from the prescription, one has to also adhere to the dietary and other regulations that the doctor recommends. That is to say, it is not merely practices like japam and dhyanam (Remembering God’s name and meditation) that will have to be done, but in order to supplement the effect of these, you have to lead a regulated life, a life conducive to good thoughts, with Sathwik (virtuous) food and pursuits.


Sathya Sai Baba

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