Images of the Day…Animals on safari !!!

Africa promises one of the best safari experiences in the world, enabling you to see the five big wild animal groups: the lion, the leopard, the elephant, the rhino and the buffalo. Capturing a good photo of these beautiful animals is not always easy, and very often, it comes down to being at the right place at the right time. But, the pictures below are pretty incredible. So, get ready to enjoy some animal watching with this great photo series!

safari animals

Male lion ignoring a group of Thomson’s Gazelles.


safari animals

‘One day I’ll be tall like mommy’.


safari animals

Young male leopard watching the setting sun.

safari animals

Black-face Vervet monkeys as seen on safari in Tanzania

safari animals

The ‘painted wolf’, also known as the African wild dog, is Africa’s most endangered predator.


safari animals

Two male lions relaxing in the sun.

safari animals

Elephants playing in the red soil. Taken at Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi National Park in Kenya, Africa.


safari animals

A male lion getting some sun at the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Africa. This may be the best wildlife reserve in all of Africa, renowned for the variety and number of animals living in it, both predator and prey.

safari animals

A beautiful shot of two elephants at the Kruger National Park, another of Africa’s large game reserves, which covers 18,989 square kilometers (7,332 square miles), and is 360 kilometers (220 miles) long.

safari animals

Another resident of Kruger National Park slowing down traffic for a while.



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