Over 2,000 Parrots Visit This Mechanic Every Day. The Story Behind This Is Fascinating…!!!

Sekhar from Chennai gets up at 4:30 am to feed over 2,000 parrots who arrive at his doorsteps everyday. It’s been 10 years and he has never failed to feed these parrots even for a single day. A mechanic by profession, he spends 40 percent of his salary on this cause. Watch the heart warming video.

He might have missed his own meal but has never failed to feed thousands of parrots every single day for 10 years now.

Meet Sekhar, the Birdman, who spends hours every day preparing a meal for the thousands of parrots who come to his house twice a day.

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It all started 10 years ago, when Sekhar started putting some rice and grains on the boundary of his house. Many birds, squirrels and other creatures would come and enjoy their meal. –

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But one day, during the horrific Tsunami in Chennai, Sekhar saw two parrots sitting on his house parapet wall. Since then, Sekhar’s house has become a regular spot for these parrots, and they come here every day.

Today, Sekhar feeds over 2,000 parrots every day. Sometimes, their number even reaches 4,000!

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He wakes up at 4:30 in the morning everyday to prepare a meal for these birds, who come at his house at sharp 6 in the morning. The same routine is followed in the evening. –

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The bond that Sekhar the camera mechanic has developed with these winged creatures is beyond beautiful.

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Watch the video to get awestruck by his work –

Source….Shreya Pareek ….www.the betterindia.com and http://www.youtube.com