Message for the Day…” Difference between Selfish and selfish-selfless…”


There are four categories of intelligence — selfish, the selfish-selfless, the purely selfless and Soul (Atma) based. The first category is always thinking of what is good for one’s own self and makes decisions. It is like the intelligence of a crow. This is very common today in the world. The second category will think of one’s own good along with the good of others. This appears as the ordinary way of life. The third, always thinks that others must get the same kind of happiness one wishes for oneself. In that context, realising that the human body is given for the sake of causing benefit to others; this third category of persons will always try to do good to others. The fourth category — the Atma Buddhi is always concerned with the aspect of dharma and the necessity for safeguarding it. They consider themselves as messengers of God; and forgetting their own selfish interests, always think of sacrifice and do good to the rest of the world.



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