Image of the Day…”Sunrays Seen from Chile “

Sunrays seen from Chile

Crepuscular rays, sometimes called sunrays, above the famous volcano Licancabur on the border between Chile and Bolivia.

View larger. | Photo by Yuri Beletsky in the Atacama Desert, Chile. Visit Yuri Beletsky Nightscapes.                                                                      crepuscular-rays-Yuri-Beletsky-Nightscapes-Atacama-desert-Chile-e1463485327917

Yuri Beletsky wrote on May 16, 2016:

Erupting volcano? Fire in the mountains? Not really. These are so-called crepuscular rays. We witnessed this amazing view just before sunrise in Atacama desert in Chile. In the center of the image one see famous stratovolcano Licancabur (19,420 feet or 5,920 meters) illuminated by the sun from behind. Beautiful rays spans across the sky and the sun will appear just in seconds.




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