New Year Greetings and Wishes …



God does not have an iPhone or Android Mobile…No iPad with  Him either..
But HE is the  favourite contact to all of us !
HE does not have any account in FaceBook ..But HE is our Best friend !
HE does not have any handle in Twitter…but we all follow HIM !
HE does not have internet with Wifi…but we are all connected to HIM !
We can call HIM at any time  and HIS customer Service never puts us on ” Hold” !
HE loves all of us equally without any bias or discrimination ..and no conditions apply.!
 We  pray to HIM that HE continues to remain in our  contact and shower HIS Blessings upon
all of us in the Year 2017 too as HE was doing all these years !
Let this request be the only Prayer to God from all of us on this Day !
Best wishes for a Happy , Healthy and  Prosperous New Year to you and your loved ones .
28th Dec 2016

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