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A PLANE has skidded off a snowy runway at New York’s LaGuardia Airport​, crashing through a seawall fence​ before stopping just metres from the water’s edge.

None of the 125 passengers and five crew members on board was seriously hurt, but six people suffered minor injuries, sources told The New York Post.

Fuel was leaking from the MD-88 jet and emergency responders were spraying foam to prevent a potential fire after the wing was shorn off.

Sources said Delta Flight 1086 from Atlanta was landing during a snowstorm when it slid off the side of Runway 13 and crashed into a Flushing Bay seawall around 11am Thursday (3am Friday AEDT.

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Frightening … a Delta passenger plane has skidded on the runway at LaGuardia Airport. Picture: Instagram/veeestchicSource: Supplied 

Delta Airlines said in a statement: “Customers deplaned via aircraft slides and have moved to the terminal on buses. Our priority is ensuring our customers and crew members are safe.

“Delta will work with all authorities and stakeholders to look into what happened in this incident.”

Passenger Sam Stern, 64, of Sarasota, Florida, was seated with his wife in an emergency-exit row and had to yank out the window so everyone could escape.

“We came in for landing, the plane hit the ground. As it started to apply the brakes, it started skidding. It didn’t spin around or anything,” he said. “It ended up hitting the embankment. The wing broke off.”

“I’m fine, I hurt my back. Everybody was shaken up, but everyone remained calm and was very caring about everybody else,” he added.

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A first responder on the ground was also heard asking if the controller was in touch with the Flight 1086 pilot.

“I’m calling up … no response,” the controller said.

“OK, sir, he is leaking fuel on the left side of his aircraft … heavily. His wing is ruptured,” the responder said.

The incident marked Delta’s first mishap since December 5, 2013, when a 767 returned to land at Madrid-Barajas Airport in Spain after a tire failure at takeoff, according to the Aviation Safety Network.

This story originally appeared in The New York Post.

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World’s Oldest Airports ….

The world's oldest airports

LaGuardia Airport opened in New York 75 years ago today, and has since handled countless millions of passengers – including Marilyn Monroe – and 26,722,183 in 2013. But it’s still some way off being the world’s oldest.


The world's oldest airports

Albany International

Founded: 1928

Passengers in 2013: 2,393,506

While an airport was established in Albany, New York, in 1909, with early aviation pioneers such as Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh stopping there, the airport was moved to the current site in 1928.


The world's oldest airports

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, US

Founded: 1920

Passengers in 2013: 33,897,335

Visited by Howard Hughes on his round-the-world flight in 1938, Minneapolis-St. Paul is currently served by 14 airlines, with Delta being by far its biggest customer.


The world's oldest airports

Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport, Australia

Founded: 1920

Passengers in 2013: 36,964,734

Established in 1920, with regular flights starting in 1924, Sydney Kingsford Smith remains the only major hub to serve the city and is the headquarters of Qantas.


Paris-Le Bourget Airport, France

Founded: 1919

Passengers in 2013: general aviation traffic only.

The French capital’s only airport until work began on Paris-Orly in 1932, Le Bourget is where Hitler began his one and only tour of Paris in June 1940. It closed to international traffic in 1977 and regional traffic in 1980, but hosts the Paris Air Show every two years. Pictured here is Charles Lindbergh.


The world's oldest airports

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, The Netherlands

Founded: 1916

Passengers in 2013: 52,527,699

The busiest of the world’s elderly airports, Amsterdam Schiphol was established as a military airbase in 1916 and has been used by civilian aircraft since 1920.


The world's oldest airports

Rome Ciampino Airport, Italy

Founded: 1916

Passengers in 2013: 4,749,251

Opened in 1916 and here seen welcoming Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh, Ciampino suffered decades of stagnation following the opening of Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport in 1960, but was revitalised by low-cost carriers. Ryanair now operates almost every service to and from the airport.

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The world's oldest airports

Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand

Founded: 1914

Passengers in 2013: 16,479,227

A major US command hub during the Vietnam War, Don Mueang was closed for several months in 2011 due to flooding.


The world's oldest airports

Bremen Airport, Germany

Founded: 1913

Passengers in 2012: 2,447,001

Early customers at Bremen included KLM, the world’s oldest airline. It was used as an airbase by the US army from 1945 until 1949.


The world's oldest airports

Bucharest Aurel Vlaicu Airport, Romania

Founded: 1912

Passengers in 2013: 6,036  The hub for the airline TAROM during the communist period, Aurel Vlaicu is now solely used by charter flights and private jets.


The world's oldest airports

Shoreham Airport, UK

Founded: 1911

Passengers in 2013: 1,500 (approximately)

Britain’s oldest continuously operating airport, found in Sussex, is now used solely by light aircraft.

Note: the site of Blackpool Airport was first used for aviation in 1909, but soon became a racecourse and then a military hospital. Flights did not resume until the 1930s.


The world's oldest airports

Hamburg Airport, Germany

Founded: 1911

Passengers in 2013: 13,502,939

Opened in January 1911, Hamburg Airport was used as a staging area during the Berlin Airlift in 1948.



The world's oldest airports

College Park Airport, Maryland, US

Founded: 1909

Passengers in 2013: general aviation traffic only.

Known as “the cradle of aviation”, this was where the first aeroplane – a Wright Type A biplane – was uncrated and assembled on October 7, 1909.



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5.) Jeff Weston.

Whenever I’m flying home into LaGuardia Airport, I request a window seat and willfully disobey the flight crew by keeping my point-and-shoot turned on. On this particular September afternoon, there was high cloud cover with one rogue cloud hovering ominously above Midtown Manhattan. I timed this exposure so that you can see straight down 42nd Street, all the way to the Hudson River. Greenpoint, Brooklyn and Long Island City, Queens are visible in the foreground, separated by Newtown Creek. 

Other than adjusting some levels and adding a bit of a vignette, I didn’t manipulate or ‘shop the original capture. 

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