” Namaste to a Pain Free Life …” !!!


We don’t need to live with pain. Pain is a sign of imbalance and non-alignment, of neglect and disconnection. Being pain-free means tuning into our life, our lifestyle, our emotions and our daily choices, with keener attention to the details. Every action, and the lack of it, determines the quality of our overall health. So fine-tuning our well-being is something that we can actively take charge of by investing in small actions that release pain and boost overall health.

A simple example to illustrate my point would be the stiff necks, painful shoulders, rounded backs and carpal tunnel syndrome that most people who sit at computers for hours suffer from. A simple posture done regularly through the day can reverse and prevent the crippling pain that they experience.

The following is a modified version of a posture that can be done multiple times at any point of the day to relieve stiffness in your shoulders and wrists. The shoulder girdle is built for mobility rather than strength and, therefore, the joints need to put through their full range of motion, so that they remain supple and fit for life.

The posture drains lymph and boosts circulation to the wrists and fingers. The chest and upper back muscles also get a break from the constant contraction and pressure that they are under.

Simplified Parsvotasana (The Rotating Posture)

Stand with your feet four to five inches apart.

Turn your feet parallel to the sides of the mat, with your toes turned slightly inward and your heels turned slightly outward.

Tuck your tailbone in, contract your gluteus muscles, tighten your thighs and pull your knees upwards.

Get used to the steadiness of your lower body.

Relax your shoulder joints by rotating them up to your ears and backwards five times.

First rotate your wrists and then your head and neck, clockwise and anti-clockwise five times.

Bring your palms together behind your back in a namaste position. The fingers should be pointed up.

You will find it tough in the beginning if your shoulders and arm joints are stiff, you might even have muscle cramps, but keep trying.

If you are able to bring your palms together, breathe deeply and hold this position for at least 15 counts. Release gently.

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Source ……..DIVYA SRINIVASAN in http://www.the hindu.com