Meet Tao Porchon Lynch … 96 Years Old Yoga Teacher !!!


A 96-year-old woman , who has been teaching yoga for 56 years, has claimed that she “likes to dance and do yoga”.

The teacher Tao Porchon Lynch, who currently lives in Westchester County, New York, keeps a positive attitude and said that nothing was impossible, since one could do whatever one wanted to, the Daily Express reported.

Lynch, who was born at the end of the First World War in 1918 and was forbidden from practicing yoga through her early years due to male dominance, added that she loved to dance, to do the Argentinian tango, to do the Paso Doble, all Latin dancing, and all smooth waltzes and fox trot.

Brenda Boulas, a 70-year-old retired nurse, who is a student of the oldest yoga teacher, said that Lynch, who stays active despite having a full hip replacement and had recently suffering a broken wrist, was the “epitome of strength”

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SOURCE::::You Tube


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