Message For the Day…” Nature is Your Best Teacher …”

Every object in Nature and every individual around you is constantly teaching you lessons of various sorts, every moment of your life. Recognise this truth. Marvellous, sacred and beautiful is Nature. Human beings, in deep involvement with mundane concerns, and in their insane conceit, regard themselves as the Master of Nature. Nature is your best teacher. It is Nature that presides over every aspect of your life and provides you with all nourishment. It can bless or punish you, its sway is extensive. God considers all things in creation as equal and He is immanent in all of them. Hence, do not regard God and Nature as distinct entities. They are inseparably interrelated like the object and its image. Ancient Indian scriptures regarded and worshipped every object in Nature as a divine manifestation. From a stone to a diamond, from an ant to an elephant, from a simple person to a sage, everything and every being was considered worthy of worship.

Sathya Sai Baba


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