Message for the Day…” God has equal affection towards all HIS children…”

Everyone, be they learned or illiterate, should feel an overwhelming urge to know God. God has equal affection toward all His children, for to illumine is the nature of light. Utilising that illumination, some choose to read good books while others do their daily tasks, whatever they are! Similarly uttering God’s name, one can progress in the realisation of God, another may choose to do wicked deeds! It all depends on how you choose to use the light. But the Lord’s name is without blemish, always and forever. God’s name must be recited and listened to. For some ailments medicines are prescribed for external application while for others, they are to be consumed. But for this universal ailment of the cycle of birth and death (bhava-roga), the medicines prescribed are listening to spiritual discourses (sravana), singing God’s name(kirtana), and the like.

Sathya Sai Baba


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