Message for the Day….” Even after death A Mother will come back and help you …”

Never look down upon any woman. They are most virtuous. With all sacred feelings in your heart, respect women and be respected. Love and Respect your mother, obey her commands. Never disrespect your mother or hurt her feelings. Try to satisfy her in all respects. Only then will the seed of devotion sprout in you. Mother protects her children in many ways. Even after death, she will come back and help you. Everyone should follow the dictum, Mathru Devo Bhava (Mother is God) in letter and spirit, and receive their mother’s love. Mother Easwaramma was full of love and sacrifice and she led a life of fulfillment and peace. In order to propagate this sacred ideal, this day is being celebrated as Easwaramma Day. This is to emphasise that each one of you should make your mother happy. If your mother is happy, Swami is happy.



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