Message for the Day…”Conquer your Mind and be at Peace…”


SI_20160607If you conquer your mind, you will attain peace. If you attain peace, you will look at all things with an equal mind. Good and bad, respect and disrespect, likes and dislikes are all aspects of one and the same thing – Brahman (Divinity). If you are able to get divine grace, everything will flow smoothly. If you are far away from divine grace, evil planets will begin to influence you. Sage Viswamitra pleased Brahma through his intense austerities. Lord Brahma removed the clouds of doubts that were hiding the intrinsic strength present in Sage Viswamitra. Lord Brahma taught Viswamitra to recognise the divine presence everywhere and told him to sing about Lord’s grace and His presence. The divine aspect is not something which is separate and distinct. God is omnipresent; it is not a matter with some specific features, it is spirit (parartha) and not matter or object (padartha). God is, and is present everywhere.


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