Message for the Day….” Being Humane is the natural Quality of a Human being…”

Children without good qualities, education without character building as its objective, and life which has no morality, are purposeless. An individual without peace of mind and the world which has no moon shining in it are similar. Every item of creation in this world has some distinctive feature and a character of its own. If any item gives up this distinctive aspect, it will destroy itself. For example, fire has the ability and quality to burn. Water has the ability to flow. Man has got the quality of human nature, and an animal has the quality of being brutal. When the ability to burn disappears, you cannot call it fire. When the ability to flow disappears, you cannot call it water. Similarly when the inner vision or the basic human nature disappears in an individual, you cannot call him a human being. Being humane is the natural quality of a human being.



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