Message for the Day…” Understand the great quality of Krishna ….”


SI_20160520Lord Krishna made a sacred determination that he would bring peace and happiness to all by setting a personal example. He radiated happiness, irrespective of whether he was in a battlefield, cremation ground or in a peaceful place. This was a great quality of Lord Krishna. We sing only in our happy moments, but Lord Krishna was singing even in a battlefield and was exuding happiness. He was always in bliss. Look at the root meaning of the name Krishna: ‘One who is an object of attraction to everyone is Krishna.” The other meaning is ‘Karshayateethi Krishna – Krishna is one who ploughs the field’. Realise that the field that Krishna ploughs is the field of your heart. By ploughing your heart, He generates the fruits of peace and distributes them amongst the human beings. Such is the ideal picture of Krishna which we should form in our mind.

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