Message for the Day…”Dharmakshetra and Kurukshetra…”

SI_20160512It is said that King Dhritarashtra asked a question and described the battlefield of Kurukshetra as Dharmakshetra, field of virtue (The Gita begins with King Dhritarashtra asking what his sons and the Pandavas are doing in Kurukshetra). Referring to his sons he says, ‘Mamaka‘ — that is, those to whom I am bound by attachment. Dhritarashtra, in his ignorance, asked a question which really means, what are the thamo and rajo gunas (slothful and passionate qualities), represented by the Kauravas, doing in the battlefield with the Pandavas who representsattvic gunas (pure qualities). This battle is continually being waged, in the body which is the true Dharmakshetra, in Kurukshetra which symbolises the sensory organs. And Lord Krishna in the form of the consciousness or Atma is a witness to this battle all the time.


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