Message For the Day…” God is the Cosmic Director and all of us are Mere Actors…”

You pray to God for trivial worldly things. Distinguish clearly between earthly happiness and divine bliss. Ask for selfless love, which you do not have, but He has in plenty. Pray for love, peace and bliss. God is the embodiment of bliss; His love is supreme without a parallel. He knows what is good for you and will give it. He is a witness to all your thoughts, words and actions. Therefore surrender wholeheartedly unto Him, and lead an ideal life. You are all embodiments of the Divine. So love all and never hurt anyone. If you harm anyone, you are harming the Divine. Love is as vital for a human as fire is vital for a lump of coal to sparkle. Get rid of all your weaknesses by concentrating on Divine Love, as grace is ever flowing and confers the greatest strength. God is the Cosmic Director and all humans are mere actors. So perform your role to please Him!   

Sathya Sai Baba