Message for the Day…” Dedicate Your Body To the Divine…”

Sathya Sai Baba

Turn the love that arises in you towards God. Dedicate your body to the Divine. This is the true mark of devotion. There are three constituents in every human being: the mind, the power of speech and the body. These three are called Trikaranas – the three active agents. It is when all three are used for sacred purposes, your life is sanctified. All need devotion. Every person must cultivate this spirit, irrespective of one’s beliefs. It is only spirituality that can purify the heart and mind of human beings. The second requirement is morality. Morality helps to purify speech (Vaak).The third is called Dharmikam. All righteous deeds done by the body or hands sanctify you. It is through spirituality, morality and righteousness that the three instruments get purified. Only the one who has achieved this triple purity can realise the Divine. If any of these instruments are impure, you will not be able to realise the Divine.

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